Document Scanning and Capture

Our Document Scanning & Capture Solution includes preparation, scanning, intelligent data capture, and then release of images with the captured data into the document management system. Projects can be done either offsite or onsite. We are scanning and capturing data using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Document Scanning and Capture


  • Free up space
  • Securely protect your information
  • Work flow and Process
  • Extract all data by Artificial intelligence based OCR
  • Centralize access
  • Quickly Search

Smart Invoice Management System (SIMS)

With TwigSystem IT is providing as comprehensive solution that offers unified, end-to-end integration from document scanning followed by AI based OCR to document management and storage and More in single platform.

  • Capture documents and data from nearly any source with Artificial intelligence based OCR capabilities.
  • Categories and classified the documents in to the structural way.
  • Process scanned files as per the organizational process of approval, review or renew it.
  • Extract data using artificial intelligence AI based OCR from nearly almost all kind of documents and layouts.
  • Barcode separator and page separator can be used to separate the files from bulk scan.
  • Rapidly build highly scalable intelligent solutions and capture faster time to value.
  • Increase data integrity and security compliance.
  • Launch business processes faster than ever.
  • Control document access and strengthen compliance with a complete document.
  • Work for mobile, IPad, laptop and all kind of devices.

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