Project Data And Document Management By ENCARDIO RITE



TwigSystem IT help us to implement a system which makes easy to collaborate with granular permission within local branch and all geographical locations. Its makes very easy to create data and documents and manage it very easily. 24/7 Support post go live is excellent.


The Challenge:

ENCARDIO RITE was facing the challenge to manage and keep the record up to data and show the progress to management on the project and related work. Company has branch at many geographical location in the world and managing the project and team was difficult with proper system.



TwigSystem IT has provided the solution for managing all project from all geographical location, update and documents related to project. Now each team can see their project details and can create and manage and the other side management can see the overall project status and progress report.



The project tracking solution has given benefits in term of managing the overall project and give the quick status report to management on time to time. Each employee not can access project data and related document quickly and securely. The role and permission allows the team to manage only related project and documents.