Room Booking System

TwigMeetingRoom IS Room Booking System is a web based system designed on SharePoint Framewok and SharePoin online to enhance the employee experience by bringing a visual approach to scheduling. Its user-friendly and Calender based interface allows employees to book a meeting room, move and cancel bookings directly from the web

Resouce booking system

Easy to plug in on sharepoint and using withing a sharepoint office 365 license.

Calender Based Room Booking

Booking Preview

Addinig resource/Room as we go

Work as Sharepoint plug in

Our Approach for For Meeting Room Booking System

Digital Transformation in UAE

Easy to browse calender

Digital Transformation in UAE

Book the Calender Date/Time and Resource

Digital Transformation in UAE


Digital Transformation in UAE


  • Approval Process for Room Wise
  • Integration with other system
  • Reporting
  • Dashboard
  • Customizable

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