Paperless Solution

Smart Document Management System

We offer many advantages in terms of speed and quality; all acceptance and document search operations are much faster because they are centralized on a single system managing the entire work process.

Smart Correspondence Management System

A smart correspondence management system designed on an occasional code automation platform ensures effective correspondence management and offers quantifiability & flexibility to fulfill an organization’s needs.

Smart Invoice Management System

Eliminate the hassle of creating new templates and rules for every single invoice layout that’s new to your workflow. Process thousands of invoices in minutes with our latest technology.

Our Approach for Paperless Solution

Paperless Solution in UAE

Smart Document Management System

TwigSystem IT provide a Smart Document Management System (SDMS) which completely making the organization paperless.

  • Document Data Capture/Scan
  • On Premises/Cloud Document Management
  • Workflow Automation
  • Email Notification
  • Digital Signature/Electronic Signature
  • Smart Document processing
Paperless Solution in UAE

Smart Correspondence Management System (SCMS)

TwigSystem IT provide a Smart Correspondence Management System (SCMS) which completely Automating Correspondence.

  • Template Based Correspondence Creation/Registration
  • Incoming, Outgoing and Internal Correspondence
  • Flexible and Purpose build workflow/process
  • Purpose build as per organization requirement
  • Digital Signature / Electronic Signature
  • Scalable and Dynamic Configuration
Paperless Solution in UAE

Smart Invoice Management System (SIMS)

With SIMS organization can automate and digitize all all invoices specially external invoice and exctract all data from paper based invoice and integrate with various system and generate receipt, delivery note etc.. Automatically with maximum Return of Investment (ROI) few ways to digital transforming.

  • Any layout of invoice
  • Extract data including Handwritten
  • Extracted data can generate excel sheet
  • Integrate with ERP system
  • Due date notification
  • Process Automation

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