Document Archiving Solutions

Our e document archiving solution making the organization paper less. We take responsibility to scan, integrating to document storage application with OCR with single click. Our values are based on the right item, first time, on time, every time. It’s a simple practice that underpins all of our operational procedures. Archived files are stored and managed in optimum conditions in purpose-built, state-of-the-art cloud based document management solution Archiving will free up valuable floor space and increase legislative compliance, as well as form part of a cost-effective disaster recovery solution.

Archiving Solutions

Our Archiving Solutions

  • Scan batch documents
  • Scan and split the document based on separator sheet or barcode
  • Barcode data can be read and stored as meta data
Document Scanning Service

Document Scanning Service

Our e document arching solution will save you money on scanning and digital conversion costs whilst maintaining document access requirements. Our e document management and archiving professionals will help reduce the time and costs associated with managing paper-based information by converting them to digital files and providing speedy access to these images.
Our E document archiving solution will give the benefit of offering quicker, cheaper and greener access to your company document and its contents.

  • Making the organization paperless
  • Enable access to documents in seconds with simple and advance search
  • Reduce admin cost costs and increasing productivity
  • Reading the information from hard copy document like Number and name etc... automatically with OCR
  • Creating folder and placing document into specified folder automation
  • Improve business processes.
  • Reduce paper usage
  • Save time, space and money
Document Scanning Process

Document Scanning Process

The conversion of paper documents to digital documents is achieved using the following comprehensive process steps

  • Preparation – arrange the batch of document with separator for split the files into PDF
  • Scanning –Batch scanning, Single and Duplex
  • Integration with Storage System – Auto orientation, removal of blank images, OCR Data Extraction, form recognition, barcode detection
  • Saving into Microsoft Cloud system - we are using Microsoft 365 online system for document storage and Document management functionalities
  • Image quality control – Manual check of every scanned image to ensure it is an exact representation of the source document
  • Indexing – Automatic and manual keying, extracting key Information from the document.
  • File reconstitution (as required) – repair documents back to their original state
  • Archiving / secure destruction (as required) – following approval from customer all documents and images are securely destroyed

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